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Evaluate your survey

You have conducted a survey with a tool such as LimeSurvey, SoSciSurvey or SurveyMonkey and now want to answer your research question with statistical hypotheses? No problem!

Data analysis and data evaluation

We evaluate your data, no matter which program! Our experts will support you in R, Python, Matlab or SPSS - but you can also contact us at any time if you have other requirements!

Descriptive and exploratory statistics

Do you have a large data set and don't know the necessary statistical methods? Our statisticians help with their expertise.

Statistical modeling (e.g. psychology/medicine)

Based on standardized questionnaires and your specifications, we accompany you from data collection to data analysis!

General parametric and non-parametric methods for data analysis

Regardless of whether your data is normally distributed or not, our experts will support you in using parametric and non-parametric tests. Neither t-tests nor ANOVA, Mann-Whitney U or Kruskal-Wallis are foreign words to us!

Factor analysis

Need help identifying the structure of your data sets? Based on, for example, a principal component analysis or exploratory factor analysis, we help you identify relationships between variables!

Deep AI applications

We use advanced AI technologies to solve problems and tailor them specifically to your requirements - from natural language processing to deep learning, benefit from our experts!

Supervised Machine Learning

Our experts focus on developing complete classification and regression pipelines. We train precise models with algorithms such as random forest, support vector machines and neural networks to develop holistic solutions!

Unsupervised Machine Learning

Our comprehensive cluster analysis services help you identify patterns and segments in your data sets. Methods such as K-Means, hierarchical cluster analyzes and DBSCAN are used to generate an overview.

Since our founding in November 2020, over 1,310 successful projects!

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Dr. Kay Stankov - Geschäftsführer & Statistiker

Kay initially completed his bachelor's and master's degrees in mathematics and finance before completing his doctorate with magna cum laude. He has not only applied machine learning in R and Python in his publications, but has also increasingly focused on data science and statistical modeling in the course of his work.

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Tim Schwarz - Statistiker

Tim completed his bachelor's and master's degrees in psychology and focused his research on health and social psychology. During his studies he dealt intensively with SPSS and imparted knowledge as a statistics tutor - for him it's not just about pushing numbers, he also explains all the background information to you.

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Pia Zimmer - Marketing & Sales

Walter is our expert for the nitty-gritty - sleep, eat, repeat - who joined in 2021. When he's not meeting basic needs, he's chasing Papa Kay out of bed and around the house because exercise, fun and play are scientifically proven equalizers of hard work and success. He is always happy about new followers.

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Statistics for companies?

We help you convert your internal company data into long-term success!

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